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Peering through the mist: systematic review of what the chemistry of contaminants in electronic
cigarettes tells us about health risks
This comprehensive research paper was funded by a grant from CASAA members given to Dr. Igor Burstyn, School of Public Health, Drexel University. It confirms that chemicals in electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) pose no health concern for users or bystanders.  This is the first definitive study of e-cigarette chemistry and finds that there are no health concerns based on generally accepted exposure limits.  

CASAA's Medical Info-graph Handout: This two-sided handout is perfect for printing and giving to your doctors. We suggest printing multiple copies for your doctor to hand out to other patients!

CASAA Flyer: Single sheet flyer explaining who CASAA is and what we do. Great for vape meets and taking to local shops.

CASAA Informational Card Holder Sign: This is a great way to inform your local e-cigarette store and their customers about CASAA! Perfect for "brick and mortar" e-cigarette stores, these signs advertising CASAA can be printed and posted as is, or can be used with custom easel displays such as shown with the testimonial display sign below. 

A complete display kit is available on CASAA's store. The kit includes the sign, a card holder display stand and 250 folded informational business cards:  CASAA Vendor Display Kit

Get one for your store or if you are a CASAA member and would like to contribute to CASAA's efforts, consider skipping a direct donation and instead buying one or more kits to give to stores in your area.

CASAA Testimonial Display Sign with Card Holder: Help CASAA get vapers' stories! Perfect for vendors and for vaping groups that have local meets, these signs can be printed and posted as is, or can be used with custom easel displays such as these:

The Facts About Electronic Cigarettes Tri-fold Brochure: Informational Tri-Fold Brochure Handout (Updated April 2014)

8 Biggest Electronic Cigarette Myths: There are many myths and misconceptions about electronic cigarettes. CASAA separates fact from fiction.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe? Recently, there has been media coverage about the safety of electronic cigarettes, which may be confusing and a bit scary. CASAA provides the facts.

CASAA 2010 E-cigarette User Survey: Survey of over 2,200 users answers questions and concerns about the age of e-cigarette users, their previous and current tobacco use, health effects, etc.

E-cigarettes and Smoke-free Policies - Research supports that e-cigarettes should not be included in smoking bans: vapor is not smoke. 

CASAA Electronic Cigarette FAQs Sheet: Common questions answered. Single page suitable for handouts.