CASAA Organizational Goals

1. To inform and educate the general public as to the available options for reduced harm tobacco and nicotine alternatives and provide documentation to reputable medical and news items. 

2. To establish a membership of users, suppliers and manufacturers of these devices for the sharing of information and substantiated data, support of users and unified industry support.

3. To maintain a social support network and web-based community for all members and their shared experiences.

4. Formation of a collective voice for the urging of more positive political, medical and legal representation of the electronic cigarette and smoke-free alternative community in congress, the medical community and the media. 

5. Encourage and support manufacturers and suppliers to: 

- Provide accurate documentation and safety information to their customers. 
- Provide fair and legal advertising or marketing claims on packaging, and web sites 
- Require purchases be conducted using appropriate identification to prevent sales to minors.

6. Establish guidelines for responsible, fair and ethical business practices that manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers are required to maintain in order to receive group approval.

7. Act as a clearinghouse for information about products and services that adhere to ethical practices, high standards of quality and demonstrate true representation of products intended for consumers.

CASAA Goal Strategy

The goals of CASAA will be obtained by:

1. Definition of initial CASAA Board positions and duties.

2. Election of CASAA Board and Officers.

3. Procurement and provisioning of professional services.

4. Completion of CASAA bylaws and legal non-profit status.

5. Completion of CASAA.ORG web presence/social network/mailing list and appointment of Content Moderators. 

6. Design, development and implementation of a physical presence. This includes a home office, mailing address, staff and redundant network of physical servers, IT support and basic brick-and-mortar infrastructure.

7. Establishing a liaison effort of shared information and marketing data with other organizations to ensure efforts aren't diluted and the collective message advocating the continued legalization of electronic cigarettes is universal.

8. Dissemination of current news, bans, approved test results, political decisions or press releases to the public as a responsible collective on behalf of the electronic cigarette industry in general. This will be done in concert with the efforts of the Electronic Cigarette Organization, Right to Vape, and any other group that promotes electronic cigarettes in a productive and positive light.

9. Public postings of political or public events to members where a CASAA member presence can be beneficial to promoting public awareness of the benefits of electronic cigarettes and smoking alternatives.

10. Providing materials and support for any individual or grass root efforts to promote public awareness.

11. Scheduling of regular meetings and member events to gather support for the CASAA Movement.

12. Encouragement of US and foreign manufacturer compliance and participation.