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Alain and Christian's magazine
French Language site

Action on Smoking and Health, United Kingdom

Barry's Story
Success story from an e-cigarette user.

Contact Elected Officials
Provides links to contact information for Federal and State elected officials.

DC's E-Cig News
Links to relevant news around the world on electronic cigarettes

Dutch Forum
A Dutch e-cigarette forum

E-Cig Review
Dusty's Ecig Review site and forum

(German language site) Information on e-cigarettes, e-smoking and harm reduction.

ECA (Disbanded)
Electronic Cigarette Association

E-Cigarette Consumer Association UK

French Language site

Electronic Cigarette Interviews
Interviews with many of the biggest names involved in the debate over the electronic cigarette: Carl Phillips, Michael Siegel, Adrian Payne, Joel Nitzkin, David Sweanor, Murray Laugesen, Paul Bergen, and others.

End Smoking NZ
New Zealand organization studying electronic cigarettes as alternative
French Language site

Health New Zealand
News and research on e-cigarette safety

Long Island Vaper's Club
Local chapter of Vaper's Club - links to other chapter
National Vapers Club
A consumer-based organization run and sponsored by e-cigarette users.

Quit Smoking with Snus
Guidance for new users of snus.

Right to Vape
Activism and education on behalf of those wishing to use personal vaporizers

Stop Electronic Cigarette Bans
Search for bans by Country, State, County, and City

Tejas Vapin
Texas Vaper's Club
French site dedicated to stop smoking alternatives

Vape Friendly
A listing of vape friendly locations as reported by the e-cig community.

Forum and community dedicated to all things e-smoking and e-cigarettes

Vapers Forum
Forum to share love for PV's, e-cigs and all things fog producing

Vapers Place
Social network site for vapers

The chill spot for vapers