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AAPHP Letter to the FDA
American Association of Public Health Physicians letter to the FDA, urging a change in its position on electronic cigarettes.

Comment on FDA Regulation of Tobacco Products
The FDA has extended the comment period until December 28, 2009.

We encourage you to submit a comment expressing, for example: Your experience with e-cigarettes helping you switch to them instead of tobacco cigarettes; your dilemma of whether to return to smoking cigarettes if e-cigarettes aren't accessible; your outrage at the FDA's misrepresentations of scientific evidence about e-cigarettes; and/or your recommendation that the FDA redefine e-cigarettes as a new category of harm reducing tobacco product, and reasonably regulate them as such.

Contact Elected Officials
Provides links to contact information for Federal and State elected officials.

Email CDC Tobacco Info
Attention Dr. Matthew McKenna

FDA Smokescreen on E-cigarettes
Washington Times article by Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelen, criticizing the FDA's stance on e-cigarettes.

Full Text of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

The FDA Center for Tobacco Products

The FDA Electronic Cigarettes Page
Includes a link to the Final Report on the FDA Analysis of Electronic Cigarettes.