How You Can Help

Members often tell us they don't have a lot of time or money, but they want to help. The main thing CASAA needs is members getting our information out to the public and recruiting new members. Below is a list of things that only cost you a little time and effort. CASAA needs members to do these things more than ever. Without your involvement, CASAA cannot succeed!

If you haven't yet, make sure you've joined CASAA by using the form at Become A Member. It's quick and it's free!

By signing up, you add your contact information to CASAA's contact database. This allows us to email you with information on legislation and ordinance alerts for your state and municipality. We also send you occasional newsletters. You will not receive advertisements, donation requests or any other kind of spam. The system CASAA uses is a trusted and secure system. You may unsubcribe from CASAA emails at any time. 

Write Down and Save Your Story

CASAA frequently posts Calls to Action and links to articles, asking you to share your story with lawmakers and the media. Be prepared by taking some time to write down important facts, such as:
  • How you discovered electronic cigarettes or other smoke-free alternatives
  • What methods you have used previously to try to quit smoking and how they worked for you
  • How the product helped you quit smoking
  • How it has affected your health
  • What features of the product are important to helping you quit (ie. flavors, nicotine strengths, types of devices)
  • How use bans and sales restrictions would affect your ability to stay quit
Submit Your Testimonial

Now that you have your story written down, please submit it to CASAA's E-cigarette User Testimonials Collection.

Join The Conversation

It's important to learn and stay informed! CASAA has members discussing the issues on social media and on forums. Join us on Facebook, the We are CASAA Facebook group, Twitter, the CASAA Forum on, Skype, Instagram and Google+. The links are on the bottom of our website home page.

Answer Calls To Action And Local Alerts

Calls to Action are issued for state and federal-level legislation, while Local Alerts are occasionally issued for ordinances in major cities and heavily populated counties. If are a registered CASAA member, you will get an email notifying you of an opportunity to take action in your city or state when the time is right..  CASAA writes and posts Calls to Action on our blog and then syndicates links out to Facebook, our RSS feed, Twitter, Instagram, and G-plus.

The post includes a brief summary of how the bill would impact consumers, any information regarding upcoming hearings, as well as a link to the bill.  State and Federal Calls to Action include a link to a pre-written, editable email letter that will be sent to your elected officials.  When the information is available, we will also include members of the committee that is scheduled to hear the bill.  Using our system typically takes less than a few minutes.

Calls to Action are the cornerstone of CASAA activism. Residents contacting their lawmakers (especially by phone and in person) and showing up to tell their story at hearings is by far the most effective, grassroots way of combating harmful legislation. You cannot count on "someone else" going instead. The more people that show up to oppose a bill or ordinance, even if they do not all speak, the better the chances of blocking a bad law. Nothing makes politicians take pause more than seeing a lot of opposition to a proposed law from their constituents. While it doesn't always work, it has a far better chance of succeeding than doing nothing at all. You can be sure that organizations supporting a bill will be there in force to convince lawmakers it should become law. Hearing your stories on how the law would negatively impact you and your family carries a lot of emotional weight - don't underestimate that power!

It is equally important to show your support for the "good" laws such as simple bans on sales to minors and laws clearly designed to protect consumers. Send "thank you" notes to lawmakers who voted against bad laws!

Watch For Proposed State Laws And Report Them To CASAA

If you see a news story about a proposed tax or law regarding tobacco, e-cigarettes, or even smoking (e-cigarette regulations are often hidden in smoking bans), please visit our Calls to Action page to see if we’ve issued something.  If not, take a moment to find all of the information we need and report it to CASAA using the Request Call to Action form. For a local, county or city proposed law or ordinance, please also contact the Vaping Militia. 

It is very important that ALL of the requested information is filled out on the form. We rely heavily on members finding all of the information we need so we can quickly post it and get it out to the membership and social media. Here is the information we need (also see the request form):

  • Your contact information
  • The state that would be affected by the law (Please remember that CASAA only responds to Federal or state-level legislation, and some major metropolitam cities.)
  • The bill number (which is usually something like SB 440 or AB 762)
  • A link to the actual bill language and bill tracking on the state's website
  • A detailed description of what the bill would do, such as an indoor/outdoor use ban , locensing requirements or a tax increase (with the amount)
  • The name, email address and phone number of bill sponsor
  • A list of each person on the committee, council or legislative body considering the bill. You can usually find this information on the government website for the state or municipality. Collect the names, email addresses and direct phone number for each person and type or copy/paste them into the form
  • After collecting the contact information, copy the email address for each representative and paste them into the form, separated by a comma. This creates a "comma delimited email list" that members can copy and paste into their email for a bulk emailing
It may be helpful to look at previous CASAA Calls to Action, to see how they were done and the information we need from you: CASAA Calls to Action

Share Calls To Action, Local Alerts And Press Releases

When CASAA posts important information to Facebook, don't just "like" the posts. Be sure to "share" them on your personal timeline and with other like-minded groups!

For press releases, don't stop with sharing them with friends - share them with your local news outlets on their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts! Take a little time to collect and save the email addresses, Twitter accounts and Facebook links for your local newspaper editors and television news station "story idea" directors. CASAA press releases will be mailed to you via our contact database, forward that email to the newspapers and news stations on your list.

Don't forget to share CASAA information with bloggers, internet radio and video vape show hosts, too! CASAA has multiple RSS feeds to subscribe to here.

Join Enthusiast Groups And Tell Them About CASAA

Enthusiast groups are popping up everywhere, especially with e-cigarette consumers. Many still do not know what is happening regarding legislation or they don't know what they can do about it. Join both online and local groups and let them know about CASAA!

Tell Your Vendor About CASAA

Visit stores in person or contact online vendors, let them know the work CASAA is doing and that we need their support and involvement. Membership is free! CASAA's website and handout materials are free of advertising and a neutral place for store owners to send their customers for information about smokeless alternatives. We can say the things they can't say regarding the safety and efficacy of the products they sell and we have materials they can use, such as the folded informational business cards, flyers and display stands. Ask your online vendors to download display the "We Support CASAA" logo and link to on their website.

Donate A CASAA Vendor Display Kit

The CASAA store has a vendor display kit for local stores that includes a display stand with card holder, insert poster and 250 folded informational business cards for $30 (our cost.) In lieu of a monetary donation directly to CASAA, consider purchasing one or more kits and taking them to local stores to put on their counter instead.  

Hand Out CASAA Literature and Cards

The CASAA web site has downloadable flyers, a medical inforgraph, cards, brochures and research that you can print and give out at vape meets and to family members, smokers, customers, doctors, employers and lawmakers. You can also purchase the CASAA folded informational cards from our store.

CASAA Printable Material

Donate to CASAA

Please donate to CASAA using the form found here: Donate to CASAA

You can either do a one-time donation or set up a recurring monthly donation. CASAA uses PayPal and Dwolla, but you can also use a credit card, if you don't use PayPal, or pay by check/money order. CASAA uses these funds to pay for the website maintenance, domain names, press releases, CQ Roll Call, CASAA phone app, directors' travel expenses, accountant services, phone service, PO Box, printing materials, graphic licenses and more.

Contributions or gifts to CASAA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

CASAA also maintains a separate Research Fund, which pays for our survey subscription, research assistant and research grants. You can find out more and donate to the Research Fund here: CASAA Research Fund