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Mary Smith said:   June 20, 2012 7:06 pm PST
This is so scary how they want to take something away from us that is keeping us from this terrible thing called cigarettes. I have smoked for 24 years and I have tried everything known to man to try to stop smoking. Patches,pills,cold turkey,teas and nothing has worked. I was introduced to e-cigs 5 months ago and I have not bought a pack since. My vaping Family "THAT RITE THERE IS THE PROBLEM". When you take their golfing ,vacationing and caviar money away, it becomes a problem. VAPE ON and VAPE STRONG.

Stuart G said:   June 20, 2012 7:04 pm PST
According to my pulmonologist by using electronic cigarettes, my lungs are healthier now than three years ago when I began vapings. My Emphysema is gone I strongly believe that electronic cigarettes have added years to my life. I Strongly oppose this bill and support the continued ban of the sale to minors of e-cigs Many doctors are now recommending electronic cigarettes to their patients that smoke as a method of at least doing much less harm to themselves. As more doctors and scientists gain awareness of these devices they are now started to show great support as the use of the electronic cigarette offers an alternative that is far less harmful than smoking. This technology was invented less that 10 years ago and you are rushing to destroy it. That begs the question why. What is the hurry. By banning electronic cigarettes you will be endorsing big tobacco as e-cig users would have to switch back to tobacco cigarettes’ and certain infirmity or death. The 2009 FDA report about a single cigarette containing less diethylene glycol than a tube of toothpaste is already out of date and irrelevant as the industry has progressed and refined its products. Thank you. Stuart J. Goltzman 9520 222nd Street Queens Village

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