CASAAA Call to Action: Cattaraugus County, NY

Cattaraugus County, NY Call to Action 
Friday, December 09, 2011 


The purpose of this law is "to prohibit the smoking of e-cigarettes, herbal cigarettes, and like products in public places where traditional forms of smoking are already disallowed and to ban the sale of such products to persons under the age of eighteen (18)."

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This law would: 
Ban the use of electronic cigarettes in any public place where smoking is disallowed. Ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

There will be a public hearing held on the proposed local law by this County Legislature on the 14th day of December, at 3:01 p.m. at the Legislature's Chambers, County Office Building, 303 Court Street, Little Valley, New York

Please call or write the members of the Cattaraugus County Legislature listed below.

What to say:

1. You support a ban on e-cigarette sales to minors, but oppose a prohibition on public use of electronic cigarettes. 

2. Tell your story on how switching to an e-cigarette or smokeless tobacco has changed your life. 

3. Explain how smoking bans are enacted to protect the public from the harm of second-hand smoke, but electronic cigarettes have not been shown to cause harm to bystanders. In fact, all evidence to date shows that the low health risks associated with electronic cigarettes is comparable to other smokeless nicotine products. 
This is supported by research done by Dr. Siegel of Boston University, Dr. Eissenberg of Virginia Commonwealth and Dr. Laugesen of Health New Zealand and by the fact that the FDA testing, in spite of its press statement, failed to find harmful levels of carcinogens or toxic levels of any chemical in the vapor. 

4. Let them know that vapor does not behave in the same manner as smoke. There is no "side stream" vapor like the side stream smoke coming from the lit end of a cigarette and unlike cigarette smoke, The vapor is virtually odorless and dissipates quickly. There is also no ash or litter. With so little evidence of use, enforcing indoor use bans on electronic cigarettes would be nearly impossible. 

5. Inform them that the ability to use electronic cigarettes in public spaces will actually improve public health by inspiring other smokers to switch. Surveys of thousands of users indicate that the majority of those who switch very quickly completely replace tobacco cigarettes with the electronic cigarettes, reducing their health risks by 98-99%. 
So even if smokers think they are using electronic cigarettes just for indoor use, the chances are high that they will stop using tobacco cigarettes altogether 

6. Tell them that by switching to a smokeless product, you have greatly reduced your health risks. 

7. Direct them to the website for more information. 

Link to CASAA's letter to Cattaraugus County:


District 1 
Paula J. Stockman - Republican PO Box 195, 13 Third Street South Dayton, NY 14138 Home Phone: (716) 988-7740

District 2 
E. James Ellis - Republican 7869 Ellis Road Cattaraugus, NY 14719 Home Phone: (716) 257-9765

District 2 
Patrick J. Murphy - Republican 7491 Lovers Lane Road Cattaraugus, NY 14719 Home Phone: (716) 257-5357

District 3 
Norman L. Marsh - Republican 121 First Street Little Valley, NY 14755 Home Phone: (716) 938-6620

District 3 
Robert E. Neal, Sr - Republican 222 Spring Street Randolph, NY 14772 Home Phone: (716) 358-3810

District 4 
William E. Sprague - Democrat 3222 Taylor Rd., P.O. Box 659 Yorkshire, NY 14173 Home Phone: (716) 492-4623

District 5
Donna M. Vickman - Republican 971 Back St. PO Box 5 Farmersville, NY 14060 Home Phone: (716) 676-3209

District 5 
Charles F. Hebdon - Democrat 6028 Beaver Meadows Road West Valley, NY 14171 Home Phone: (716) 699-2808

District 5 
Jerry E. Burrell - Republican 2361 Lyndon Road Franklinville, NY 14737 Home Phone: (716) 676-2925

District 6
Joseph C. McLarney - Republican 70 N. Main St. PO Box 805 Portville, NY 14770 Home Phone: (716) 933-7079

District 6 
Michael T. O'Brien - Republican 12 Riley Rd. Portville, NY 14770 Home Phone: (716) 933-8178

District 7
Vergilio L. Giardini, Jr. - Democrat 4050 Mediterranean Dr. Allegany, NY 14706 Home Phone: (716) 373-3353

District 7 
James L. Boser - Democrat 97 North First St. Allegany, NY 14706 Home Phone: (716) 373-0006

District 8 
Mark J. Ward - Democrat 6123 Fairview Lane Great Valley, NY 14741 Home Phone: (716) 945-4934

District 9
Kenneth W. McClune - Democrat 51 South Main St. Salamanca, NY 14779 Home Phone: (716) 945-4150

District 9 
Carmen A. Vecchiarella - Republican P.O. Box 296 Salamanca, NY 14779 Home Phone: (716) 244-7891

District 10
John J. Padlo - Democrat 438 Fountain Street Olean, NY 14760 Home Phone: (716) 373-4078

District 10 
James J. Snyder - Republican PO Box 1 Olean, NY 14760 Home Phone: (716) 373-6352

District 10 
William J. Aiello - Republican 725 Bishop Street Olean, NY 14760 Home Phone: (716) 373-1859

District 10 
Steven H. Teachman - Republican 138 N. Fifteenth Street Olean, NY 14760 Home Phone: (716) 372-7730

District 10 
Linda M. Edstrom - Republican 408 Laurens Street Olean, NY 14760 Home Phone: (716) 372-6687 

E-Mail Lists 

Note: Some e-mail addresses listed may not be valid.  E-mails intended for all the Cattaraugus County representatives can be sent to the City Clerk at,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;