CASAA Fundraising Policy

CASAA Policy on Endorsement of Fundraising Efforts

CASAA will consider any requests from those who are planning to do crowdfunding and would like us to actively endorse or aid in that effort. In order to make a decision about whether to actively support it, we would want to see a clear protocol with a level of detail that is appropriate for the amount of funding. In the case of scientific studies, this would basically consist of the substantive part of a standard grant application. For other funding goals, it would be something of similar scope that is appropriate for the mission. If there is no such protocol available, we will not consider supporting the effort. We will not consider third-party requests to support an effort; we will only act if we are specifically asked by the entity seeking funding.

Note that this certainly does not mean CASAA will not be in favor of, in spirit, many initiatives where we are not asked to participate. But it does mean we will not actively support the fundraising through endorsement, mass communication, or any other means. It would be a very rare case (namely, where the fundraising or the project appears to be actively harmful to the community) that we will actively oppose the fundraising.

The chances of getting our support are increased greatly if we are brought in at a stage where the protocol is not yet finalized, and thus we can offer advice on it if that seems useful. This does not mean that CASAA's support is conditional on coming to us early or taking our advice, but it could help improve the plan (which is good for everyone) or deal with any serious problems we might have about supporting it. Indeed, we encourage anyone proposing an initiative that needs substantial funding to seek peer review of the plan from someone before initiating it, and we can help with that even if our involvement in the fundraising is not requested.