FDA’s release of the draft deeming regulations has caused an explosion of interest in the law and politics relating to e-cigarettes among those who have not followed the topic previously. Some are new to the entire world of vaping-related chatter, while others have been immersed in the social media but have never understood the governance side. 

CASAA has been preparing for this for years now by meeting with government agencies, giving testimony to committees, communicating with the media and alerting industry. Now is the time to take action with CASAA's series of "Calls to Action" that serve as guidance for our members when submitting crucial comments to the FDA.

Below you will find posts from CASAA's blog (sorted newest to oldest) that tell the story of what CASAA has been doing, is currently doing and will continue to do to ensure that safer, smoke-free alternatives to smoking remain affordable, effective and available. You can also find links from March 2013 to present on the The FDA & Deeming Regulations of E-cigarettes page and links from 2011 to February 2013 on the Previous FDA Actions by CASAA page. 

We encourage you to join us and add strength to our numbers and collective voice. Membership is free.